"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight."
~ Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Update on Shelbey.  He is staying put.  He will stay in Lethbridge for at least 12 weeks.  So he will be there for most of the winter.  Probably transfer in March.. Snow on the ground -6C, with a wind chill factor of -25C.  The locals tell him that it isn't 'even cold yet', to wait until January...We get to skype with him on Christmas day, so anxious for that.  He is settling in, and almost 1/2 way done.

Here is a bit of his email:
'.......Everyone says winter isn't here yet.... i have to disagree lol. but they say january is the bad time....thats when the -40s come =S....not looking forward to that!!! Man... ya thats springtime here!! haha i would love for it to be that warm and mud!? whats that!? no frozen ground?? lol. ya...i miss the dunes right now.... =(... i keep having dreams that im there...then i wake up and its snowing!! lol. Soon enough ill be there though!! =D. Cant wait!! haha......' 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pday fun in Lethbridge

Heard from Shelbey today.  He sent a few pictures to show the snow and some other not quite so 'pretty' sights...  He did apologize to his mom for some of the other photos.  Mainly had to do with the animal above.  I won't post, but I did save them for him...  here is his email from today:

HI mom and dad =)))
how are you guys doing?!?!
im doing really good,.........its working out really good. I know heavenly father has a bigger plan for us, and as we have patence in it, things work out for the better =). So im slowly organizing this area, iv found thats one of my callings here on a mission, is going into an area and organizing it. So im working on that this week, because theres so much info and people, that we kinda get lost in it. So im going to make it so we can focus and get things done. Get that area togeather so we can start to see things happening!! =).
other then that im good, we have 4 investigators right now, so its a plus!! there are alot of recent RMs and recent married RMs!! so its weird!! im like thats me in not that long!!! im like AHHHHH its really scary yet makes me cant wait haha. you know me =/...... I must have gotten used to the hole big city calgary thing haha. but other then that im good!!
kinda bored actually... =/... so im creating work by organinzing stuff!! im going to get letters out to you guys here soon =). i love you guys!!!! miss you sooooo much!!!
talk to you guys soon =)
Elder King

Monday, November 19, 2012

Transfer Time

Here is a bit from his email today.  We were cut really short on time.  So really just a quick catch up on where he is now....
.....Well like i said im in lethbridge now, pretty dense mormon town, they say 10000 of the 80000 that live here are mormon haha. its crazy!! but ill see what i can do =). i should be here for christmas so ill have some time to work with the people =).
how are you guys doing?/ =) hows school doing? =).
ahh i miss all that stuff!! haha.  sorta....>_< lol.
but anyways...im adapting well here so far alot of really good memebrs that take care of the missionaries =). so dont worry =p i will be good here too haha. I survived the scary place in the mission =p lol. So its all up hill from here lol. I miss the east though =/.... i love it there!!! hope to go back before i leave my mission!!
but thats cool with the cookies =) ill look forward to that!!! haha cookies soup XD haha.
ya i had heard rachelle is getting her papers togeather =))))) its exciting!!! haha im excited to hear where shes going to go =). haha man, at this rate everyone i know is going to be on a mission, or married with kids by the time i get home!! Lol. no one i know will be around!! man!! lol. I email with her a little bit so its cool =).
Things are good though momma =)...i havent got the box yet =/... but! it should be here this week i think, i should get mail this friday =). im staying warm, theres no snow on the grounds right now, so iv been good =). just need em for when there is the snow!! haha.
But other then that, iv been doing great!! nothing really to complain about =). Besides missing you guys!!! =(... i cant wait to get back...not going to lie. but ill be there soon enough =)))
I love you mom!!!
Talk to you next week!!
Elder King

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Here is a bit of news from Shelbey.  He 'sounded' good, and of course the holidays for us all will be hard.  His Christmas box is going in the mail today.  Hopefully he will get it by Christmas!!!  Enjoy.
HI mom!!!! =)
thats sooo coool that you got to talk to Sister xxx =). haha yes she reminds me of you!!! haha. it made me trunky!! but shes super nice...just not very active =/... sadly she dosent see the reason for church when she has the Lord with her. Thats what we were trying to help her with. I hope ill beable to get back up here to see her some time =). And yes ill attach the photo here soon =).
Im not going to lie though, it is really hard coming up on the holidays....im looking forward to talking to you guys though over skype =). We will get it figuered out =). I will find a member that has a computor with a camera on it =) so we'll get it worked out when that time comes =).  
but things here are good, like i told you guys im getting transfered... down south somewhere... ill let you guys know next monday =).
Things with xxx are fine, we worked alot out and learned how to talk about stuff haha. So i def learned alot from everything!! im looking forward to where ever im headed though!! you really cant go wrong down south =) haha.
I miss you mom!!! i hope things are good =). I cant wait to see you guys!! and see you with hair!!! lol =).
Love you!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

So, Shelbey's mom is not doing well keeping everyone up to date.  She decided, instead of writing a bunch of stuff, to try and get everyone caught up, she is going to post some of the pictures he emails us....so without further delay:
This was sent to us from the sister of this gentleman.

Shelbey in front of the new Temple in Calgary.

Another Baptism.

the baptism went really well!! had to do it twice though =/. His knee came out of the water the first time =S/ hes way tall!! lol. it was a ton of work!! but totatly worth it!! =). soooo much spirit there =). no joke!!!! . it def confirmed my testimony in the gospel and its changing power in peoples lives!! it def brought into focus what im doing out here alot more =). it was good =).
Shelbey and Elder Bernel, giving a tour of the new Temple.

Service anyone??

Shelbey being himself, glad to see the smiles.

Of course his dream toys haunt him... even on his mission......

haha ok so dad, here is my dream bike!! lol

A few lines from various emails:
  • Know that I am doing good out here!!Learning a life time worth of experiences that is making me a better person!! I promise that it is worth it =p... even though its hard at times lol more lately then others haha

  • We have been having some on and off rain and snow!! first snow of the winter this week =S... kinda stunk!! i had to de ice the car >_< 2 inches of ice on the windshield!! ahhh!!! haha...makes me miss home....and will never complain about the small amount of ice we get there in the winters lol. But ya, i can imagine the snow birds are starting to head south. Its getting in the -2s at night now. So like high 20s low 30s. The couple of days of snow we were at -8 C as the high of the day >_< haha. Elder King fell on his butt in the ice lol. No fun haha.

  • Things for me have been busy like i said, we have 19 investigators right now... so i have no time to hardly think anymore. Transfers brought alot of changes to this zone...

  • Btw!? did mom tell you about my story going and working on the Calgary temple!? it was way cool!! we got to go and help on the construction!! and me and one of the elders in my zone went exploring and got on the roof! haha it was really cool, got some cool photos. Also got to see how the temple was built and designed! talked to one of the architect's and he let me go through the drawings. So it was way way cool =). Def a experience that went into the journal for the keepsake of the mission!! =)).
Transfers are coming around again, November 14th.  So we are anxious to hear where he ends up.  Still use the same address.  All letters and mail go through the mission office.
His Mission President sent out a letter giving guidelines for Christmas goodies.  He suggests getting packages out by the 15th of November, ensuring that the packages get to missionaires by Christmas.  MP suggests food or clothing, I think Shelbey would really appreciate the food part, since clothing isn't on the top of his 'things he needs'.
We appreciate all the support/letters/goodies that everyone sends.  He says to thank you all, and let you know how much it means to him.  Keep the letters coming.....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

21st Birthday - August 9th

So the Shelbs has been expressing his frustration at little to no contact from the outside world.  How about helping us, making him 'feel the love'.  Lets send him lots of birthday wishes.  Since the 21st birthday is a milestone in the world of birthdays, how about some emails and cards????  We have sent 4 cards and a box that would make any missionary happy to open.  Please join us in wishing Shelbey a  21st HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

5 Months and counting...

OK, sorry about not posting here.  I have been using facebook, so you can check there for updates.  I will keep this up weekly from now on.  It was super hard for us, missing him.  As I know alot of you out there do, as well.  So here is a bit from todays email.... And thank goodness he bought soap??!! 
...But anyways, give charlie and george...and yodie and franni and dad big hugs for me!! I miss them all. I always stop and find the random cats around the streets and give them pets. makes me miss home!! haha. But, I can't think of any other things that I need... just need to learn how to buget money... haha this transfer kinda stunk because I had to buy soap and otherthings lol. but payday is this week =) so its all good haha.
But ya..I hope people got stuff mailed off to me too... I havent gotten crap from anyone for awhile... =/... it sucks. I feel selfish saying that... but mail really makes a huge diffrences out here... proverbs 25:25 sums it up pretty good haha XD. thats why I like live for email day!! haha.
Don't worry about me though mom =). You taught me well =). I am getting along alot better than I thought I would, and a ton better then most out here!! lol. So please don't worry about me!! =) haha.
I love you soooo much!! I miss you momma!! hang in there!!! <333

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We got a call from Shelbey, he was at the Denver airport with a layover.  It was hard, he had other missionaries waiting for the phone.  It was REALY good to talk to him.  He was tired, only having 2 hours of sleep.  He had to be at the SLC airport at 3am!!  And we know this boy is not a morning person.  there was 7 missionaries all headed to Calgary, including Shelbey.  He will be landing in Calgary at 11:30 (10:30am our time).  He will have some time to get situated and pick up a few other items.

Here is the Canada address to use, until further notice:  Elder Shelbey King
                                                                           Canada Calgary Mission
                                                                           7044 Farrell Rd SE
                                                                           Calgary, ABT2H0T2

Be sure to email him, he really appreciated all the packages and dearelder letters.  He said that really kept him going.  So his permenant email address is:  shelbey.king@myldsmail.net  He won't be able to answer, but at least he will get to keep in touch. 

He was really glad to get this news.  Jimmy had his baby, well not him, but his wife!! Hehe  Healthy, beautiful baby boy.  James the III was born the day after Shelbey left.  I think they did that on purpose!!??Jimmy said that Shelbey will be 'Uncle Shelbey' from now on... join the ranks, his family has been calling him that for 12 years!!

Small delay here, he just called back, his flight was delayed for 1/2 hour.  So we were able to talk for a bit more...  one happy mom and dad here....anyway....back to the blog.  At least I didn't cry as much as the first time, and was able to have a discussion. (really embarrassed face inserted here)

Now that he will have a schedule to letters and email, I will be able to keep this site updated on a regular basis. So check back often. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

FINALLY heard from him.

Dated - 2/15/2012

"So the first day is done... it's been interesting. I miss you all so much already, but at the same time I know I'm supposed to be here! And it's exciting like no other!!

My companion is a awesome Welsh guy from Welsh!!  Elder Jones, he's really rad!  Rides trail bikes...lol  I know heavenly father loves me haha.  Trail bikes are where they take dirt bikes and get them over impossible objects, rocks and cliffs.  Something I'v always wanted to do!!  My other room mates are cool, one is actually from Canada, and is going to Calgary also.  Awesome accent lol.  These next two years are going to be awesome thats all I gotta say...eh? lol.

MTCs pretty amazing majorly high (something?) but still cool.  Still miss everyone though..  Anyways I gotta kill the lights here soon.  I'll write asap!! I love you guys.  Thank you for everything, I appreciate it. 

Your son, Shelbey"

So he sounds good and excited, we couldn't ask for more than that.  Except for him to be home.  We miss and love you like no other.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


We dropped Shelbey off on Wednesday, February 15, around 1pm.  Never saw so many boys in suits in one place.  The church sure has the delivery of these boys down to a science.  I will be posting some photos, when I figure out how to get them off my camera/phone.  (My techie is gone!!!) He made me promise not to call and ask him how to do something with the tv, computer, dvd player, internet or my phone......I don't think there is anything else I need help with.

Wanted to thank everyone in SLC that helped keep us busy on Tuesday.  Gotta love family!!!  Porter, you were a life saver. (You know what I mean..)  Also want to thank everyone for helping us say goodbye on Sunday.  This meant alot to all three of us.  Again, pictures to come soon. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Look where Shelbey is heading.  Great picture of Calgary, taken in 2003 by Elder Campos.

Lots of snow for the desert rat!!  Photo taken by Elder Campos 2003